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Web Site Content

ICR already had a corporate web site when we started working on the ICR Discovery Center. They asked us for suggestions on how to bring their new brand look into the site and link their scientific research site with the other content. We recommended using a global navigation at the top of the pages to allow simple cross-linking of content between sites.



Online Interactive Map

We designed an interactive online map of the ICR Discovery Center to be part of the web site above so that viewers could find out more about the exhibits.


ICR Discovery Center - Exhibit Touchscreens

Click on the screen below to view a sample of the many touchscreens created for
the ICR exhibits featuring custom 3D animations and transitions.


ICR Discovery Center - Beasts of the Earth Exhibit Touchscreens

The video above and the still images below are taken from 2 of the 7 Touchscreens we created for this area of the interactive exhibit area. 

In the groups shown below, we have supplied still images of the Splash Page which played on a loop, the Main Page that offered 3 unique questions, and a still from the animation overview used to map out the content of each touchscreen.

Beasts Touchscreen Overview
Beasts Touchscreen 1-Splash
Beasts Touchscreen 1-Main Questions
Beasts Touchscreen 1-Question 1
Beasts Touchscreen 1-Question 1A
Beasts Touchscreen 1-Question 2
Beasts Touchscreen 1-Question 2A
Beasts Touchscreen 1-Question 3
Beasts Touchscreen 1-Question 3A

ICR Discovery Center - Life on the Ark Exhibit Touchscreens

This single touchscreen featured information and answered questions about the Ark exhibit area which also featured a scale model of this enormous structure from ancient times.

Life on the Ark-Touchscreen Overview
Life On The Ark-Touchscreen Splash
Life On The Ark-Touchscreen Main
Life On The Ark-Touchscreen Q1
Life On The Ark-Touchscreen Q1A
Life On The Ark-Touchscreen Q2
Life On The Ark-Touchscreen Q2A
Life On The Ark-Touchscreen Q3
Life On The Ark-Touchscreen Q3A

ICR Discovery Center - Grand Canyon Exhibit Touchscreens

Guests can explore the post-Flood world of the Grand Canyon and learn what the layers of strata reveal through an interactive diorama and 5 interactive touchscreen kiosks.

Grand Canyon Touchscreen 1-Splash
Grand Canyon Touchscreen 1-Main
Grand Canyon Touchscreen 1-Q1
Grand Canyon Touchscreen 1-Q1A
Grand Canyon Touchscreen 1-Q1B
Grand Canyon Touchscreen 1-Q2
Grand Canyon Touchscreen 1-Q2A
Grand Canyon Touchscreen 1-Q2B
Grand Canyon Touchscreen 1-Q3
Grand Canyon Touchscreen 1-Q3A

ICR Discovery Center - The Flood Exhibit Touchscreens

When most people think of the Great Flood, they picture a massive storm with torrential rain, however, this event was far more devastating than that, as portrayed in this exhibit touchscreen.

Flood Touchscreen Overview
Flood Touchscreen Splash Screen
Flood Touchscreen Q1
Flood Touchscreen Q2
Flood Touchscreen Q2B
Flood Touchscreen Q3A
Flood Touchscreen Main
Flood Touchscreen Q1A
Flood Touchscreen Q2A
Flood Touchscreen Q3

ICR Discovery Center - Garden In Eden (Pre-fall)
Exhibit Touchscreens

The three interactive touchscreens in this exhibit area allow guests to see what a perfect world looks like before it was corrupted by the deeds of mankind. Many questions about the creation of the earth, animals and the laws of nature are answered here .

Garden in Eden-Touchscreen-Splash
Garden in Eden-Touchscreen-Q1
Garden in Eden-Touchscreen-Q2
Garden in Eden-Touchscreen-Q3
Garden in Eden-Touchscreen-Q3B
Garden in Eden-Touchscreen-Main
Garden in Eden-Touchscreen-Q1A
Garden in Eden-Touchscreen-Q2A
Garden in Eden-Touchscreen-Q3A

ICR Discovery Center - Garden In Eden (Post-fall)
Exhibit Touchscreens

These four touchscreens were part of the Garden In Eden exhibit and demonstrated the contrast between the perfect world and how it looked after the fall of mankind.

Garden in Eden Touchscreen-Overview
Garden in Eden Touchscreen-Splash
Garden in Eden Touchscreen-Q1
Garden in Eden Touchscreen-Q1B
Garden in Eden Touchscreen-Q2A
Garden in Eden Touchscreen-Q3
Garden in Eden Touchscreen-Main
Garden in Eden Touchscreen-Q1A
Garden in Eden Touchscreen-Q2
Garden in Eden Touchscreen-Q2B

ICR Discovery Center - Life in the Ice Age Exhibit Touchscreens

In the Ice Age area, three touchscreens answer important questions about what this frigid time was really like. 

Ice Age Touchscreen Overview
Ice Age Touchscreen Splash
Ice Age Touchscreen Main
Ice Age Touchscreen Q1
Ice Age Touchscreen Q1A
Ice Age Touchscreen Q2
Ice Age Touchscreen Q2A
Ice Age Touchscreen Q2B
Ice Age Touchscreen Q3
Ice Age Touchscreen Q3A
Ice Age Touchscreen Q3B

ICR Discovery Center - Mount St, Helens
Exhibit Touchscreens

The Mount St. Helen’s explosive eruption in 1980 has given modern scientists an unusual opportunity to observe a rapidly changing ecosystem and record amazing data about the earth

since this catastrophic event. There are 5 interactive kiosks that allow guests to learn more about the destructive power of nature and its amazing resilience to heal itself.

Ice Age Touchscreen Q3B
Mount St. Helens Touchscreen-Splash
Mount St. Helens Touchscreen-Main
Mount St. Helens Touchscreen-Q1
Mount St. Helens Touchscreen-Q1A
Mount St. Helens Touchscreen-Q1B
Mount St. Helens Touchscreen-Q1C
Mount St. Helens Touchscreen-Q2
Mount St. Helens Touchscreen-Q2A
Mount St. Helens Touchscreen-Q3
Mount St. Helens Touchscreen-Q3A

ICR Discovery Center - Tower of Babel 
Exhibit Touchscreens

This exhibit features a scale model of the Tower of Babel with three interactive touchscreens that teach about the confusion caused by the start of languages as mankind spread out to “fill the earth” and form the nations we know today. 

Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Overview
Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Splash
Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Main
Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Q1
Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Q1A
Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Q1B
Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Q2
Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Q2A
Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Q3
Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Q3A
Tower of Babel Touchscreen-Q3B

ICR Discovery Center - Life of Christ Exhibit Touchscreens

Guests are invited to revel in the story of Christ’s life and resurrection through 3 interactive touchscreen kiosks and a myriad of highly detailed and accurate miniature models of Jerusalem that portray what the city looked like at that time. In the adjacent room, guests can interact

with a 3D holographic image of Jesus.

Life of Christ Touchscreens-Overview
Life of Christ Touchscreens-Splash
Life of Christ Touchscreens-Main
Life of Christ Touchscreens-Q1
Life of Christ Touchscreens-Q1A
Life of Christ Touchscreens-Q1B
Life of Christ Touchscreens-Q2
Life of Christ Touchscreens-Q2A
Life of Christ Touchscreens-Q3
Life of Christ Touchscreens-Q3A
Life of Christ Touchscreens-Q3B

ICR Discovery Center - Origin of the Universe Exhibit Touchscreens

The Origin of the Universe area allows guests to journey back to the dawn of time and marvel at the size, complexity, and youth of the universe through large projection screens and seven interactive touchscreen kiosks.

Universe Touchscreen-Overview
Universe Touchscreen-Splash
Universe Touchscreen-Main
Universe Touchscreen-Q1
Universe Touchscreen-Q1A
Universe Touchscreen-Q1B
Universe Touchscreen-Q2
Universe Touchscreen-Q2A
Universe Touchscreen-Q3
Universe Touchscreen-Q3A
Universe Touchscreen-Q3B
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