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Virtual Show Booths & Online Store Kiosk Product Development

This was the first project that I collaborated with Creative Sims on.  The pandemic had made it nearly impossible for local and regional businesses to meet at conferences and conventions to network and procure new customers. Even physical visits to their local and regional locations were being stifled. Many were turning to online ordering, but seeing a list of product pictures and text seems impersonal and all branding is lost.

The idea for this project was to create a portfolio of different 3D convention spaces and kiosks that could be customized quickly with branding and product information, allowing an immersive shopping experience from any location.  

The process started with creating or adapting 3D model spaces, developing different reusable branding elements, textures and themes,  and then designing PDF marketing collateral that shows how all of the pieces fit together. Below are just 3 of many that were designed over a 6 month period. This product was then expanded to include shopping malls, medical complexes, college campuses and more.

Sample of Markup Notes and Instructions for 3D artist
Screen captures of raw 3D model at desired angles
Marketing PDF for the Medium Booth #0004 with 4 possible themes applied. Clients can choose one of these, or customize them to their brand.
3D model still and marketing PDF for the Small Booth #0001 with 4 possible themes applied.
Small Booth-0001 Rendering
3D model stills and marketing PDF for the Large Booth #0001 with 4 possible themes applied.
Virtual Booth_0001-Large_Render-1
Virtual Booth_0001-Large_Render-2
Virtual Booth_0001-Large_Render-3
Virtual Booth_0001-Large_Render-4
Virtual Booth_0001-Large_Render-5
Virtual Booth_0001-Large_Render-6


Virtual Medical Complex

Like the virtual mall, there was a need to create a virtual space for a medical complex consisting of various doctors and specialists offices, a training facility, a medical library resource center and an archive for checking online medical records.

Virtual Medical Complex Background