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Logo  & Branding (1999 to 2004)

When I started at LightPort, it was still a start-up company ramping up to do big things. They had all the pieces, but no continuity yet. We created the first version of the logo and site to use the animated 'swoosh' connecting 2 points to represent connecting businesses to their clients, wherever they are.

Later, we dropped the '.com' from the logo and  went with a more sophisticated look as we pursued high-profile clients.

LightPort Logos
LightPort Corporate Brochure
LightPort Hedge Fund Brochure
LightPort Branded Site - 1999
LightPort - Initial Site

Web Site (1999 -2004)

We started with a minimalist approach in 1999, using white space and small dashes of red for all the online marketing materials. It was simple and clean, and made it simple as we focused on future business.

In 2002, the look changed and content expanded to include a new site editor, and a much longer list of products and services available for businesses of all sizes, and provide secure, login specific content based on their client's needs.

LightPort Updated Brand Site - 2002
LightPort Updates Site-Landing
LightPort Updates Site-Content

Product Sheet System (2002 - 2004)

At the time, most companies spent a small fortune producing product flyers and sales collateral, however, we wanted to model the message that we were sharing by producing all of our collateral online.

We developed a series of marketing collateral that could show products, services and solutions using our tools. Then, the sales team could pull the sheets that they needed and sent them via email, or set up an online account as an active demo of how simple our tools were to use.



Web Site Samples (1999 -2004)


During my time as Art Director at LightPort, I work on literally hundreds of web sites for the financial service industry. There are many that I am not allowed to show, but here are just a few that were designed back in the early 2000's that gave us permission to use their web sites to promote our products and services.

LightPort Case Study Sites
LightPort Enterprise Client Sites
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