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KIDCO LABS - 2002 to 2012

I worked as a children's director at a small church and they needed some excitement in their children's program. We developed Kidco Labs to be a weekly, theme-based adventure where each series lasts 13 weeks and gives children weekly challenges to learn and grow as they interact with their family, friends, schoolmates and more.

Kidco Labs Logo-Original

Original Logo - 2002

Kidco Labs Logo-Circle

Alternate 'Circle' logo for curriculum

Kidco Labs - Layered Logo

3D Logo Mockup for Wall Sign - Landing Page

Website - Last updated in 2012

Agent Training Logo

Agent Training — 13-Week Series

I worked with Sheila Stringfield to develop a 13-week series where children are encouraged to go on missions and show them God's love. The challenge is that, like an secret agent, they should not be 'seen' or at least allow the focus to be on them.

Each week, they learn 'disguises' that they can put on to help people around them. For example, they can be a cheerleader to encourage someone, a butler to serve s
omeone and make them feel special, or even a rock star to use their voices to worship God.

Agent Training Collateral
Agent Training Poster_1
Agent Training Poster_2
Agent Training Poster_3

Go Fish! — 13-Week Series

The second series that Sheila and I created took the children under the sea where they learned about different sea life and some interesting characteristics of these creatures so they can learn more about the differences in people. Just like fish, we all come in different sizes, colors and attitudes, but each of us has a plan and a purpose from God.

Go Fish Logo
Go Fish Collateral
Go Fish Banner_01
Go Fish Banner_02
Go Fish Banner_03
Go Fish Banner_04
Animal Adventures Banner-Giraffe
Animal Adventures Banner-Elephant
Animal Adventures Banner-Lion
Animal Adventures Banner-Zebra

Wild Animal Adventures — 13-Week Series

The third series that Sheila and I developed took some of the more unusual stories where God used animals to get His message across to people. Each lesson teaches the children just how far God is willing to go so people will understand who He really is.

Animal Adventures Logo Seal
Animal Adventures Collateral

KIDCO LABS (2002 & 2005)

God's Home Improvement — 13-Week Series

This series took a little while to fully develop and went through several changes to the branding and content before it was ready for distribution.  The series starts with the creation of the world, then helps us understand what we need to do to follow God's rules for the world that He created for us as home.

God's Home Improvement Logo
God's Home Improvement Collateral