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Corporate Branding

The Institute for Creation Research had a vision to expand their existing brand into their museum the ICR Discovery Center in Dallas, TX. I worked with a team of others to enhance their logo and create some variations for their corporate branding and for their museum.

ICR Discovery Center-2
Institute for Creation Research Logo
ICR Discovery Center Logo
Institute for Creation Research Logo-2


Museum Iconography

We developed the following icons and colors to be used for the area map, website and future presentations. They are showcased in the exhibit areas to quickly and simply identify the zones and are used as menu icons on the digital touchscreens that were developed.

ICR Discovery Center Icons
ICR Discovery Center Icons & Colors-1
ICR Discovery Center Icons & Colors-2
ICR-Discovery Center Map Cover
ICR-Discovery Center Map Inside


The Founder's Hall Exhibit Design

With so many incredible things to see and learn about at the museum, we needed smart exhibit designs to support the displays and educate guests. We conceptualized some unique zones with specific theming, designed fun and immersive large format graphics including media moments, and oversaw the printing and installation of this exhibit area.

Founder's Hall Detail Photo
Founder's Hall Wall Mockup
Founder's Hall-Modern Science
Founder's Hall-Statue of Zeus
Founder's Hall-Growth of Civilization
Founder's Hall-The Seven Wonders of Ancient World
Founder's Hall-The Reformation Leaders


Dragon Encounters Exhibit Design

Who doesn't love a great tale of dragon's throughout history? We designed a castle facade and showcased moments throughout history based on region where humans recorded accounts of dinosaurs and dragons. We designed large format graphics supported by media to help tell the story, and oversaw the printing and installation of this exhibit area. 

Dragon Encounters-Overview Sign
Dragon Encounters-Measurements
Dragon Encounters-MidEast & Europe
Dragon Encounters-Americas
Dragon Encounters-Asia


Current Research Exhibit Design

What better way to showcase all the research that the Institute for Creation Research has done than with a massive touchscreen pano table. We designed large format graphics supported by media to create an engaging and immersive moment, and oversaw the printing and installation of this exhibit area. 

Current Research-Wall Display
Current Research-Display_1
Current Research-Display_2
Current Research-Display_3


Branded Employee Nametags

We created the template art that could be used by a local vendor to regularly supply ICR with the nametags they needed for employees, event staff guest speakers and volunteers.

ICR-Nametag Sample_3
ICR-Nametag Sample_1
ICR-Nametag Sample_2
ICR-Nametag Sample_4
ICR Wayfinding Signs-Exterior_1
ICR Wayfinding Signs-Exterior_2


Way-finding Signs

To help people find where to go between the two locations, we designed complementary wayfinding signs that invert branded colors between locations. We also created custom label spikes to be used to identify plants on display outdoors around the property gardens.

ICR Wayfinding Signs-Exterior_3


Miscellaneous Signage


There were so many areas and displays that required additional signage and branding. Here are some of the additional elements created to reinforce the branding and maintain the consistency of the area.

Grand Canyon-Touchscreen Stand Covers

Grand Canyon Display Stand Vinyl Wraps

We created this adhesive vinyl wrap to cover the brushed metal video monitor stands so that they blended with the scale model. They were designed to look like those found in the national parks.

Life of Christ Area
Wall Plaques

In the 'Life of Christ' display area,  we added the following signage plaques to give more context to the dioramas and scenes below. The black marble background gave them elegance without distracting from the scenes.

ICR-Life of Christ Signage
ICR-Life of Christ Signage-LG
Noah's Ark Construction Plan

Noah's Arch Blueprint 

We originally created this illustration of the Arch Blueprint for the touchscreen, but later created a full size print was added to the set. It was then aged by burning and tearing the edges and giving it a 'used' look.

Theophany Road Signs

On a transition wall space after the Tower of Babel, these signs were added to give guests a better understanding of how God appeared and intervened to different people in the past.

Theophany Road-Sign Art-1
Theophany Road-Sign Art-2
ICR-Merchandise Sign-Animals
ICR-Merchandise Sign-Astromony
ICR-Merchandise Sign-Biology
ICR-Merchandise Sign-Children

Gift Shop Merchandise Signs for Product Racks 

ICR purchased product racks for the gift shop that had build in branding areas where signage can be inserted.
These graphics were used for each of the branded shelves.

ICR-Merchandise Sign-Creation
ICR-Merchandise Sign-Creation Foundations
ICR-Merchandise Sign-Dinosaurs
ICR-Merchandise Sign-Geology
ICR-Merchandise Sign-Truth On Tour
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