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Every business has needs that arise from time to time and meeting those needs can make it stronger. All you need is a little help to find that creative solution to meet those needs.

Trilium Design can help.
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What is trilium?


Trilium is the imagined element of creativity.


Creativity is not found by spending a lot of money or throwing a large team at a problem. It doesn’t take years to develop and it’s not rocket science. It's a matter of looking at a challenge from the outside to get a new perspective and combining the right elements together—some of which you may already have—to make something special and unique to meet the specific needs in new, innovative and effective ways.



Discovery is the act of boldly exploring new territory and learning new things in the process. Every challenge we face gives us an opportunity to be discover creative solutions.

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A personal greeting

Hello and welcome! My name is David Goebelbecker and I created Trilium Design as my personal freelance design business back in 2002 and became by full-time job in 2007. It’s easier to spell than my last name and much simpler to remember.

As a seasoned Art Director, Illustrator and Graphic Designer with over 30 years of experience, I still love the challenge of new projects that help me learn and grow in my industry. I understand that design isn’t about right and wrong, but what works best to meet a client’s needs. I get a thrill working with new groups of people and adding their collective energy to the projects throughout the design process. As each project comes to a close, I always walk away with lessons that make me a better and more creative person. So, the quest is on for my next new design adventure.

the work
The Work


As a Freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer, I have worked with many companies over the years, such as Disney, Intel, Tervis, Universal American, Orlando Health,, and many more. While the project needs may be diverse, I work with my clients, vendors and outside resources to find the unique solutions to their business challenges to achieve the best results.  Here is just a sample of some of my work:

This area is the online portfolio for David Goebelbecker and work completed by Trilium Design.
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If you're interest in how Trilium Design can help you, please feel free to contact me any time.

David Goebelbecker
Owner & Creative Director of Trilium Design

phone: 407-409-6579


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