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About Trilium

Welcome, my name is David Goebelbecker. I created Trilium Design as my personal freelance design business. It’s easier to spell than my last name and much easier to remember.

As a seasoned Art Director and Graphic Designer with over 30 years of experience, I still love the challenge of new projects that help me learn and grow in my industry. I understand that design isn’t about right and wrong, but what works best to meet a client’s needs. I get a thrill working with new groups of people and adding to their collective energy throughout the design process. As each project comes to a close, I always walk away with lessons make me a better and more creative person… so, the quest is on for my next new design adventure!

What is Trilium?

Trilium is the elusive element of creativity. True creativity is not based on how much money you spend or how many people get involved. It's a matter of combining the right elements together to make something unique to meet the needs in new, innovative and effective ways.

Inspiration + Ingenuity + Innovation = Trilium

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